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AAA McKinstry Personnel & Resume Service BBB Business Review

Welcome To AAA McKinstry Personnel Agency & Resume Services

AAA McKinstry Resume Service

Jan. 31, 1994

To All Present and Future Clients:

I have been a “repeat” client of AAA McKinstry for almost 20 years. In my job searches, I have had managers comment that it was my resume that first got their attention, and how it stood out, among all of the many they had read, (by the way, I succeeded in my job searchs, I achieved my goals!) During this time, my husband has also become a “repeat” client. He has gotten immediate positive responses, and one call in particular, came from the owner of a Company. He said that the resume is what stood out in the mail he picked up. (My husband has also succeeded in getting the jobs he sought) The resumes done here are of the finest quality, in content, layout and paper quality.

June 28, 2002

Mr. Frank Wiedner, Personnel Counselor, C.P.C.
AAA McKinstry Personnel Consultants & Resumé Service

Dear Frank,

Thank you for the professional services afforded to me as you created an exceptional resume to meet my needs in locating employment.

Your encouragement to persevere and be persistent, as well as additional support with thank you note correspondence, kept me moving forward and was greatly appreciated.

A medical group has accepted me to be a part of their staff and will start work July 2, 2002. Previously working for a Pediatrician and OB/GYN, I am enthusiastic about continuing this career path because I enjoy it very much.

Enclosed, please find a check, to pay the balance due for your outstanding services. It will be my pleasure to have the opportunity to recommend others to your office.

Thank you once again.


K.R. Laguna Hills, CA

FEBRUARY 21, 1996


I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU and that I greatly appreciate the additional time that was put in to upgrade my resume. I originally made an appointment to have my own resume style update performed. Upon proofing the final copy some items did not appear to be as professional as I would have liked. I asked for further assistance. The writer suggested a style that was professional and suitable for the image I wanted to present.

Although the new format required an additional fee, it was money well spent. With in one day after faxing resumes, I received numerous responses. After one week I was offered a position that was exactly what I hoped to obtain. Within two weeks I started a new position and was still receiving calls to schedule interviews. I was greatly impressed.

I mailed and faxed about 25 resumes total and had eighteen return calls and made numerous interview appointments. One may realize after a phone conversation or even after the interview that a certain position is not one to pursue. The important element here was that my resume grasped the attention of prospective employers. The reason being was the style and content of a AAA MCKINSTRY RESUME constructed with McKinstry’s expertise.

Thank You


Frank Wiedner
AAA McKinstry Personnel Consultants And Resume Services

December 11, 2000

Dear Frank,

I got the job! Thank you very much for all of your hard work and expertise on writing my resume. Also, for all the great tips on interviewing, soliciting, and sending thank you letters (the very next day!). The resume was fresh and the format clear. The different color you suggested was great. It made it a must to notice, difficult to ignore, and easy to locate. I will be highly recommending your services to all of my friends.

Thank you very much!



Warren M. Culver City, CA

February 01, 2000


I’ve been through five downsizing lay-offs since 1989. I was doing mass mailings with minimal results. The resume Frank and his staff wrote produced a noticeable increase in interview invitations. The follow up service in doing revisions and updates is prompt and efficient. I highly recommend AAA McKinstry. Consider this an investment in your career.


Warren M.


Dear Sir,

Eighteen years ago I completed my enlistment in the United States Marine Corp. Just prior to my discharge I went out and purchased a new suit and started looking for a service to write a professional resume. I found an ad for AAA McKinstry in the local base newspaper and after talking with Frank Wiedner decided to give them a try.

I received twenty-five copies of that first resume and used one of them to apply for a position that I really wanted. I got the interview and I got the job. I still have twenty-four copies of that resume. I have returned to AAA McKinstry several times to update my resume due to lay offs and when going after higher-level jobs within the same company. Each time I have had the similar experience of getting the interview and the job.

I feel that the crisp professional resumes written by AAA McKinstry have been instrumental in getting me in the door of prospective employers and internal hiring managers alike. Thank you AAA McKinstry and Frank Wiedner in particular for helping me achieve and maintain a successful career during the last eighteen years.

A.L. Manager,
The Boeing Company

These letters are available for viewing at our main office

Thank you Frank, and all of your fine staff, for a job well done! We would recommend your excellent services to all those who want quality work done, and positive results in getting a good job.


Dolores A. Tustin, CA

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