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AAA McKinstry Personnel & Resume Service BBB Business Review

We receive daily calls and e-mails from satisfied clients. Only the most noteworthy letters are posted here.

September 10, 2007

Dear Frank and Gary,

Thank you both very much for doing an outstanding job on my resume. Because of your fine talents in writing, I was offered the job of my choice! AAA McKinstry was able to highlight my skills, performance and work experience into a simple summary that was easy to read.

I was recognized for being a diligent, knowledgable, and motivated professional without being oversold.

Thanks again for helping me obtain the job of my dreams and for the career advancement I deserve.

With much appreciation,

Alyson A.

July 19, 2007

Dear AAA Staff,

Thank you for all of your efforts to ensure my resumé, cover letter and salary history were as accurate and marketable as possible.

Some time ago a friend referred me to speak with you about your resumé products.  I called for an appointment and personally spoke with Mr. Wiedner.  Within a one (1) week period my resumé and all components were created to my satisfaction.  They spoke with me about the do’s and don’ts during an interview, suggested various ways of getting my resumé through so that it is seen more than once and provided a follow up call for further questions or concerns.

AAA McKinstry, proportioned my resumé to best express my work ethic, talents and skills.  With their help I was able to land a full time position at 10k more than expected.

Following a layoff, I went back to AAA McKinstry to update my resumé.  They continue to keep it on file and gave me suggestions to help my resumé be more valuable with the help of my recent career growth. 

Thank you for your professional writing team and for helping me take the next step in achieving my goals. 

Very Truly Yours,

Michele  E.

June 15, 2007
To: AAA McKinstry Personnel & Resumé Customers:

I was recently the Regional Credit Manager for United Rentals, Inc., a nationwide construction equipment rental company. Our Orange County office was relocating to Modesto, California. Most staff members decided not to relocate and I was entrusted to procure resumé services for employees who were not relocating.

I contacted some companies and decided on AAA McKinstry. They were very accommodating in scheduling consultations for 15 employees. Some of my employees decided to pursue their careers outside of credit/collections and the staff at McKinstry assisted them in targeting their resumes in other areas. In all, they provided very prompt high quality service that included not only resumé preparation but also very informed advice on interviewing and employment resources. When I decided not to take the transfer, I too had my resumé written by them and they assisted me throughout the entire process from sending out resumes, interview preparation, follow-up letters and salary negotiations. I was able to find a very good position with a better than expected compensation package and was able to remain in Orange County.

The services provided by AAA McKinstry exceeded my expectations. Through their professionalism and quality we were able to make the very uncomfortable situation of a corporate relocation much more manageable.


Brian B.

February 12, 2007

Dear Frank,

AAA McKinstry has played a vital role in elevating my marketing career to a much higher plateau. You and your staff have more than improved my résumé to reflect in every way what I have done for my previous employers in a crystal clear fashion.

You carefully listened to what I wanted to convey about my career experiences. Then your AAA team transformed my résumé into a marketing tool that employers from a number of industries immediately took notice of on Internet posting sites like Careerbuilder. Within a few weeks from the time I began distributing and posting my résumé on numerous job recruiting sites, as well as directly faxing potential employers, I started receiving calls immediately from prospective employers. A month later, I was given three firm offers from employers looking to hire me in a lateral move with a 15% bump in salary.

I have since decided to attend graduate school causing me to turn down those various job offers. But once again, a year later I’d returned to AAA for an résumé update to pursue more senior level jobs. I expected to pay for an update, and Frank immediately reminded me I was eligible for a free update a year later. That’s great customer service.

Thanks again to the AAA McKinstry Team,

Thomas W. W.

September 15, 2006

I highly recommend the services of AAA Mckinstry in writing, updating, or re-writing your resume. In addition to career counseling, their expertise, professionalism, patience and knowledge, I found AAA McKinstry to be an asset in my job search.

I have been in Purchasing Management for over 16 years with the same employer and was recently faced with transitioning into a new career.

AAA Mckinstry was able to rewrite my resume capturing my skills, expertise and many other qualifications that have resulted in interviews and subsequent job offers.

Out of 16 resumes submitted, I landed 12 interviews and 5 job offers. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a successful resume. It is and will remain a crucial element in penetrating today’s competitive and ever-changing job market. AAA McKinstry will be your partner in securing your future professional life.

Please take it from me and allow AAA McKinstry to guide you towards your next professional endeavor. Invest in yourself and I know from personal experience, it will be worth it and pay for itself!

Francisca B.,
C.P.M. General Electric Company – Irvine, CA

July 17, 2006

AAA McKinstry has assisted me in obtaining two jobs that I had targeted as well as procuring over a dozen interviews with top industry (restaurant) companies. I received calls from all prospective employers who received and reviewed my resumé. It was as simple as that. The rest was up to me in order to “seal the deal” but AAA McKinstry provided me with a great resumé which is the key to unlock a lot of doors.

When I needed a resumé for Dave & Busters it was customized to reflect who I was not just what I do.

I received the same personalized treatment when I wanted to upgrade my resumé to move forward to a higher level position, the Food and Beverage Director for America’s busiest golf course.

Thank you AAA McKinstry,

J. M.
Food and Beverage Director

April 19, 2006

I am writing this letter to thank you very much for help with my resume. As of 4-16 I am now employed at Express Pipe and Supply. I applied for a branch manager position in Long Beach.

The GM came to meet me in LA for lunch after reading my resume and asked where I had been that he has been looking for someone like me to run his store. He prefers outsourcing as to promoting from within. I was also asked an awkward question as to what I was looking for in a starting salary. I replied quite boldly that I was looking for $45,000 but was offered $50,000 to start from the GM.

On my starting day he again asked me what we had agreed upon with my salary? I replied $50 he told me he was going to make it 52. I want to thank you again for your help. I couldn’t have done it without you. I now make $20,000 more a year and with less than 1/2 the work load.

R. G.

March 5, 2001

Frank Wiedner - General Manager
AAA McKinstry Personnel Consultants & Resume Services

Dear Mr. Wiedner,

From my first telephone call to AAA McKinstry, I was very impressed by your personal and professional level of service you provided in helping me with my resume. The quality of your resume writing services and your helpfulness went well beyond my expectations. After my first attempt with another company, I must admit that I had my doubts. But, the finished product by your company - I would definitely recommend AAA McKinstry Resume Services to others who are in the market of changing careers or just to have a resume on file.

Thank you again!


Irene J.

December 9, 1999

AAA McKinstry Resume Service

To whom it may concern:

I would like to thank you not only for the professional resume you created for me but also for the help you gave me to have the confidence to get the job. When I went for my interview, I was shown a stack of about 100 resumes. Mine was one of just three that was professionally prepared and had no misspelled words. I am sure this not only got me in for the interview, but was the key factor in getting me the job.

Furthermore, when the interviewer offered to show me the resumes, I was amazed to see how many very qualified people had applied. However, they obviously did not find it worthwhile to seek professional help in submitting an important representation of themselves such as I did.


Joseph L.

Mr. Frank Wiedner, General Manager
AAA McKinstry Personnel Consultants

Dear Frank

You have revived my career! Many thanks. Your professionally written resume has been a seeing eye missle developing instant employment for me.

It has taken me 50 years, and dozens of career changes, to appreciate how essential a professionally written resume is to securing an interview and consequent employment.

A case in point is a former boss who has been on a job search over the past nine months. I keep telling her to see Frank, but she is just too cheap. She could earn the professional fee in two days. As they say, too soon old and too late smart.

Very truly yours,

David G.

Hello there,

I'd just like to thank you guys for the wonderful job that you guys did on my resume. I just got the word that I have obtained the position with Fleetwood that I applied for. I owe a good portion of this to the excellent resume in which your company provided for me.

Thank you very much.

Michael J.
Office Automation Specialist - Fleetwood Motor Homes

AAA McKinstry Personnel Consultants & Resume Service

June 22, 2002

ATTN: Frank Wiedner

Dear Frank, I want to thank you for more than preparing a resume for me. Your critique was valuable as your willingness to change what you had written to accommodate me. I was pleasantly surprised by the personal, yet professional, service you provided. But most of all I appreciated the compassion you showed. I have been happy to recommend your service and will continue to do so.



May 16, 2004

Dear Frank,

Thought this an appropriate time for me to thank you for your Resume service as I have found a permanent position with a very nice company located quite close to home. I am certain that I could not have done it without you and your use and command of the English language describing what I can do was delightful in review.

Thank you very much indeed,



Dear Frank - Thank you for your Services. Your very good at what you do. I am just starting work with a Registry. Hope it lasts!


Mary M., R.N.

Dear Frank & Linda,

I wanted to thank you both again for taking the extra time to make my proposal a finished success! It is excellent, and it‘s exactly what I was looking for! I will be sure to refer you as much as I can!

Thank you again for your professionalism and customer care!

Your’s in success!

J.J., President

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